Sustainability Report

Health & Safety

EBD INFRA Limited is a company that places a high priority on the safety of its employees and the environment. The company is committed to providing a consistent, safe workplace and protecting the environment. To achieve this, EBD INFRA Limited has integrated Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) considerations into its overall management systems and operations.

The company recognizes that a safe and healthy work environment is crucial to the well-being and productivity of its employees. Therefore, EBD INFRA Limited continuously strives for improvement in creating a safe and healthy work environment. The company incorporates incident data analysis, feedback from stakeholders, changes in relevant laws and regulations, as well as business requirements to identify areas for improvement. By adopting global best practices, EBD INFRA Limited ensures that it is up-to-date with the latest safety and environmental standards.

EBD INFRA Limited’s commitment to HSE extends beyond just its employees. The company recognizes its responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. As such, EBD INFRA Limited employs environmentally responsible practices and continuously seeks ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

Green Footprints

Green Footprints is an initiative led by EBD INFRA that aims to restore India’s depleting green coverage. The company plants trees at its various project sites across the country as part of the initiative. Green Footprints is an important initiative as India’s green coverage has been rapidly depleting in recent years. The country has experienced deforestation, urbanization, and industrialization that have resulted in a loss of natural habitats for flora and fauna. The initiative by EBD INFRA is a step towards restoring the balance and preserving the environment for future generations.

What sets Green Footprints apart is that the trees planted are attributed to the pledges of support received from participating citizens.

The initiative is unique in that it is led by an online platform that tracks the number of clicks received on its microsite. The trees are attributed to the cause of protecting the environment if the number of clicks received is greater than the number of trees planted. This approach allows people from all over the world to participate in the initiative and contribute towards a greener India.

By taking a pledge with Green Footprints, individuals can contribute to this noble cause  by just a click on a microsite and help bring about a positive change. The initiative is a great way for citizens to come together and work towards a common goal of a greener and more sustainable India.