Partner With Us

Partnering with EBD INFRA Limited can add significant value to your business as the company is committed to completing projects ahead of schedule while maintaining a focus on cost competitiveness. EBD INFRA achieves this through its key focus on global purchasing and supply management, which has helped the company bring immense value to its clientele.

EBD INFRA’s global purchasing and supply management policies have been revised and implemented to ensure long-term partnerships with vendors and reduce the ordering-to-payments cycle time. By simplifying its processes and utilizing global purchasing, EBD INFRA creates value for its stakeholders while maintaining global standards. 

The company’s expertise in global sourcing, global purchasing, and supply management is a significant advantage for clients looking to execute projects in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, EBD INFRA’s consolidation and aggregation of bulk commodity purchases in supply chain management ensures that projects are executed in a streamlined and efficient manner.